Balloon uses for multiple purposes

Looking for balloon for your personal handcraft project? In balloon party, we have multiple balloons of different shape and size to choose from. Balloons are cost-effective and able to create many things from shaping a mould to decorating objects. Hence, there is no limit to what you can do except for your creativity! Not to forget to mention, balloons itself is known to be used as a form of gift for advertisement or entertainment purposes. It sets the atmosphere to be more relaxed and a hint of fun which will draws people in with excitement. Additionally, If you are wondering what else you can do with all the leftover balloons from your birthday party and other event, you are in the right page! Here are some of the ways you can make use for balloons except for decorative purposes.

Tips for other balloon uses

Firstly, one of the most interesting ideas will be using balloons as a mould. If you are keen on trying to make a lamp for your home, use balloon to mould the shaping itself. Next, pour the wallpaper glue into the bucket and place the yarn strings of any colour of your choice into the solution. Additionally, feel free to experiment with any strings that are made of other materials as well.  

Shaping of the lamp

Afterwards, start to place one end of the string onto the balloon and slowly rotate the balloon around to form the design you have in mind. When it is dried up, remove the balloon carefully from the mould to make it hollow. Do place a bucket underneath the balloon to prevent any glue drips onto the floor.

Chocolate bowl : Another balloon uses

Secondly, you can also use balloon to create a chocolate bowl. It can be done easily by melting the chocolate with the instructions given on the packaging and dip the balloon into it. After it is dried, you can choose to serve your favorite dessert on the chocolate bowl to make your guest impressed!

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