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What are the few types of balloon?

First, Latex Balloon. Most commonly seen types. These inflate to an oval shape, are made of recyclable latex, and can be easily personalized with your artwork design. Typically available in sizes ranging from 9 to 18 inches. In general, latex absorbs helium well, with float times ranging from 10 to 14 hours.

Next, balloon type Mylar. It is more expensive than latex, but there are some compelling reasons for this. They are unquestionably higher quality, with a metallic look and feel, larger imprint areas, and much longer float times. Nothing catches the eye like a cute, bright, shiny floating Mylar balloon.

Lastly, Cloudbuster balloons also known as chloroprene balloons types. This are make of high-quality silicone that repels the ultraviolet radiation. It is up to ten times thicker than normal latex balloons. Float times will often exceed 3 weeks depending on the size of the cloudbuster balloons.

Any OTHER PLATFORMS to shop with us?

Balloon Party Singapore is now available in Shopee and Carousell. For any other balloon types like latex balloons, just add us to your cart and check out together with your other items! Simple and hassle-free! We have many exciting  reasonable and affordable online balloon packages.

 Furthermore, for more enquiries you can contact us directly or email, we will be more than willing to clarify things with you.



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