You can never be too old for balloons, no matter how old you are. Balloons may be used to brighten up any day, especially on special occasions, since they are the most basic yet decorative components at celebrations. These balloon party suppliers can elegantly decorate your dessert tables, entrances, stage, and even the ceilings to make your event even more lavish!

Why these suppliers are on demand?

One might ask why these suppliers decided to make a living offering balloon party supplies. The reason is simple, they want to provide happiness to their consumers celebrating for special occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, and housewarmings. Though these occasions are come in random day and time as one cannot possibly know the birthdate of the whole population and not everyone would celebrate for it. Then, why do these suppliers are still in business, you might wonder. Well, it is those yearly occasions for all such as New year, Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, National Day, and Christmas. For instance, medium to big enterprises would hold an event on those days and likely to contact these suppliers.

List of balloon party suppliers in Singapore

Here are the lists of some of the available balloon party suppliers:
1. BoBoChaCha Balloon

Figure 1: An example on type of balloon used by BoBoChaCha Balloon

2. Funlah

Figure 2: An example of the illustration of the work done by Funlah

3. Bez Balloons

Figure 3: An example of decoration for birthday party by Bez Balloons

4. Party City

Figure 4: An example of event’s decoration work from Party City


Figure 5: An example of character’s balloon work done by MTRADE

6. The Balloon Thing

Figure 6: An example of decoration and balloon party service done by The Balloon thing

7. Party With Us

Figure 7: An example of room decoration with party balloon for birthday occasion by Party With Us.

Why not use helium balloons to decorate your chosen event space, which will undoubtedly captivate your guests? Any of these 7 top party suppliers can help you alter your event site with helium balloons, which will make any party more exciting! These lovely helium balloons will brighten your day and go well with other birthday decorations.


Balloon Party Singapore

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