Have you ever thinking of decorating a celebratory gathering yourself? When it comes to special occasion such as homecoming party, birthday event, gender reveal party or wedding ceremony, balloons will be one of the main decorative materials. In designing your balloon event, it is good to have a rough sketch of the idea so that you can see if the ‘feel’ is right. There are many types of balloon which has its pros and cons. As the effect that the material of the balloons bring out will be different. For instance, foil balloon is known to create the shiny effect that are eye-catching. On the other hand helium latex balloons are great at floating on the air for long hours.

Tips in selecting your color theme for balloon

If you want the balloons to stay on the air for long hours during your balloon event, you can choose helium latex balloons. One thing that are good about this balloon is, you can play with the colour theme! If you want the atmosphere to be energetic and cheerful, you can choose warm colors like red and yellow. Otherwise, if the atmosphere you desired is rather gloomy or formal, you may want to opt for cool colors like blue and green! Do add some monochromic color like white and black to the design to brings out the colour theme.

In Balloonparty, we have a collection of balloon with different colors. Our price is also relatively affordable. Additionally, you will definitely enjoy the time you spent on putting up the balloon! What a great way to relieve some stress, right? Look for us to find out more about our products now! Do tag us on our social media to let us know how your balloon event are looked like. Contact us if you have any inquires. We are excited to serve you soon!


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