What is a balloon bouquet?

A balloon bouquet lifts up the spirits and is perfect for any occasion. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and themes. They can be added with gifts, flowers, or plants to enhance the overall experience.

What is the price range of a balloon bouquet?

It ranges from $10-$100 depending on the number of balloons you are getting.

What types of balloons we are providing?

At balloonparty Singapore, we provide a range of balloons. From latex to foils, to numbers and letters, to 4D balloons and LED balloons.

How to make a balloon bouquet

To make a balloon bouquet all you need is

  1. The number of balloons (it could be 6-10 latex balloon)
  2.  A designed or a balloon that can stand out from others (example: design imprinted foil)


Please do let us know if you would like to do customization of a balloon bouquet

  1. Number of balloons (5-15)
  2. Types of balloons you would like to get etc (example: 5 latex and 1 round foil)
  3. Colours (example: 3 black and 2 white)
  4. Once an order is placed, there will be no changes made available / cancellation.


We are now available in Shopee and Carousell! Simply just check us out together with the items you are buying! Yes it’s that simple and hassle-free!

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